Welcome to Don't FURget to Brush!

I would like to tell you a bit about myself.  I have a wonderful family which consists of my awesome husband, my two amazing children and my five loving "furry kids".  I have always loved and been very passionate about animals of all types.  There has never been a time when a special pet wasn't part of my family, from the time I was small until now.

Deciding to become a mobile IN-HOME groomer was a decision I made, as I came to realize that not all pets are created equal.  I wanted to do something outside the box of owning a grooming salon where pets were brought to me.  Working with different rescue organizations throughout the years and dealing with fearful, aggressive, anxious and shut down dogs made me realize that one on one contact in a quiet environment was necessary in order to work towards rehabilitating them.  Many families own pets with the above mentioned issues.  In many cases they will not be accepted in grooming salon environments, or will not do well in one.   Grooming is important for the health and wellness of your pet, so it was because of this that I knew IN-HOME grooming was very much needed and what I wanted to do.

Grooming in the comfort of your pets home allows me the time and patience your pet deserves.  A calm quiet one on one session with a familiar groomer allows the pet to feel at ease, safe and remain calm and stress free.

My services are available and used by seniors who are perhaps unable to get around, as well as, people/animals with disabilities and many families who just appreciate the convenience of me coming to them.  I cannot express how much I love what I do and I want to thank all of my current clients for trusting me with their beloved "furry kids" and enabling me to love them like my own!